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Known Problems on this Web Site

As tested with Internet Explorer V6, Mozzila Firefox V1.5.0.4 and Opera V9.00:

  1. Vanishing Header Ruler: With all browsers, XML based files rendered by XSL stylsheets can loose the header ruler. For an unknown reason the ruler is dropped below the lower contents. To fix this would cause an unacceptably large gap in normal HTML pages.
  2. No layout for XML CGI Output: With Firefox and Opera the return results of CGIs does not render using the designated XSL stylesheet. IE6 is Ok.
  3. Secure area ftp path failure with Opera: With Opera only, any support secure area pages fail to reflect the correct relative paths so most links fail. It appears Opera cannot handle ftp relative addressing at all.
  4. Konqueror fails to render XML and other issues: With Konqueror only, any XML files are not rendered to their stylesheets. Also Konqueror has rather ideosynchratic behaviour with images in the features section.
  5. Rendering on Mobile Phones: Forget it, get a computer.
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